Tuning In To Customer Centricity


Great customer experiences do not happen in a vacuum. What drives the experience is a unique combination of people, process, and technology that enables companies to go from good to great. But without customer-focused technology, companies are powerless to interpret and act on a plethora of data that help shape an individual's experience.

Customers share a great deal about themselves through their multichannel interactions. Between social media posts, recorded contact center exchanges, email, text, and other types of communications, customers reveal quite a bit about their needs, preferences, interests, and behaviors. However, companies can't act on customer information without the tools needed to gather, distribute, and analyze this data.

In this 1to1 Executive Dialogue, industry thought leaders Don Peppers, founding partner of Peppers & Rogers Group, and Martin DeGhetto, chief operating officer of TeleTech, discuss the challenges and opportunities in leveraging emerging and existing technologies to become customer-centric, along with best practices for driving optimal business results.