In the movie Ground Hog Day, Bill Murray's misanthropic character, Phil Connors, responds to a colleague's comment that people like celebrating Ground Hog Day with a point that some marketers might appreciate: "People like blood sausage, too." Today's organizational brand teams confront a growing blood-sausage problem: Customers are exerting increasing influence over brand-management activities.

How much influence do you want to yield to customers who have enough time on their hands to email, tweet, and blog about why your company should change its logo, product design, or business practices? This may be a cynical question, but it begs asking at time when consumers can effectively recall new logos that don't jibe with their own brand perceptions, as Gap and Tropicana discovered in the past two years when customer backlash caused them to scrap new a logo and packaging, respectively, and return to former ones.