Consumers interact with the retail world on a daily basis. Whether browsing the Web for a new sweater, or heading to the grocery store for a loaf of bread, shoppers take to numerous channels to explore their options and complete their transactions. But, as purchase habits continue to evolve, so must the retail landscape and the way brands engage with these connected consumers.

Infogroup Targeting Solutions and Retail TouchPoints' recent "Breaking Through Customer Engagement Barriers with Innovative Marketing and Technologies" report explores the current state of retail and how companies plan to hone their strategies to meet the needs of shoppers in the future. The study, which polled 100 retail executives, focuses on the use of technology and data in marketing and sales, highlighting goals and expectations for 2018. While most retailers plan to integrate mobile technologies to a greater extent, the majority anticipates an increased concentration on developing the customer experience, for most recognize that this component will be an essential differentiator in the coming years.

The following statistics examine what the retail landscape looks like today and where executives expect their companies to be in five years: