In the eyes of many, technology has become the beacon of future success. Companies across industries are grasping at new solutions to enhance operations and streamline service. Yet, with numerous automated options to satisfy those who seek self-service, today's consumer also expects companies to offer seamless cross-channel support when their personal search for answers goes awry.

"Evolving technology has impacted the customer service space in a drastic way," says Gah Bird, vice president, customer experience innovation at TELUS International. "Consumers are turning to the Internet for everything from online shopping to customer service. Today's consumers have many channels to choose from and they expect companies to offer their preferred communication channels at whatever time they feel is most convenient."

However, with technology constantly encroaching upon the service and support space, fear looms as many consumers worry that their favorite brands might lose sight of the individual customer. But, while many may believe self-service lacks the human element once present across all brand interactions, those companies that have the right tools in place have already begun to integrate the level of personalization and intelligence customers have come to expect from live-person interactions.