Social media has introduced a completely different way of interacting with both people and organizations. From a little-known channel just a few years back, social has grown to become an important tool in brands' marketing and service arsenal and investment in social channels have quickly become a necessity for those companies that want to succeed.

As Duke Chung, Parature's chairman and co-founder, notes, "social is here to stay, at least for some time." Brooks Crichlow, vice president of product marketing at [24]7, agrees. "The number of customer interactions on social channels will continue growing," he notes. "We're moving to a point where social is baked into the fabric of organizations." In fact, John Golden, president and CEO of Huthwaite, notes that social is becoming mainstream with more organizations recognizing that they need a social strategy for their firms to succeed.

But as social continues to mature, we should expect changes to take place in 2014. Here are six shifts that organizations should start preparing for: