Like oil and vinegar, some marketing strategies fail to blend. It's not until marketers shake things up that they can begin to determine the right outreach approach with regard to their customer base. 

Media mix modeling (MMM), also known as marketing mix modeling, enables marketers to assess and establish multichannel campaigns, the ROI of each campaign, and the most effective mix within. For the modern marketer, success comes from finding the right blend of communications and customer outreach as he or she works to dismantle silos and create seamless experiences. By clarifying what works and what doesn't, companies can then begin to create the integrated experience customers crave and deserve.

Forrester highlights that 86 percent of marketing decision-makers see integrating multiple channels—both online and off—under one single integrated marketing strategy as critical to their success, for integrated campaigns work together to deliver results. For instance, using direct mail to drive Web activity with email follow-up allows marketers to create seamless cross-channel experiences that enhance one another while promoting the same result.