Industry news for the week of September 10th


--Most Large Organizations Leveraging Big Data
A NewVantage Partners survey among Fortune 1000 organizations found that the vast majority already have Big Data initiatives planned or in progress. The Big Data Executive Survey looks at how organizations like American Express, Bank of America, CitiGroup, General Electric (GE), and the U.S. Department of Defense, are managing and funding Big Data initiatives as well as finding the right talent and organizational structure to support new data and analytics innovation. Some findings include:

  • 80 percent of respondents believe that Big Data initiatives reach across more than one line-of-business or function. However, many are challenged with building organizational alignment for their plans.
  • Almost half of respondents say they don't have the right internal talent or resources to drive many data and analytics initiatives. Seventy percent state that they plan to hire data scientists but are finding that there is no reliable source of new talent in this category.
  • Most organizations will be managing a wide variety of data, not just increased data volumes, over the next three years. Respondents say the most important goal is the ability to analyze diverse data sources and new data types rather than managing very large data sets.
  • Gleaning customer insights and improving customer experience have been identified as the biggest opportunities for Big Data.

--Content Creation Is Time-Consuming for B2B Marketers
Optify released the findings of its first annual B2B Marketing Athlete Report. The survey, which polled more than 250 B2B marketers, explores the time, effort, and expertise companies across industries are putting into planning, executing, and reporting on marketing campaigns. Overall, 47 percent of respondents ranked as "Star Performers" who consistently met their lead generation goals, invested more time per week on planning, and exhibited the highest scores for attitude and focus.Other key findings from the report include: