The challenge with customer experience efforts is that they are often perceived by leadership as having no clear (simple) metric for understanding progress in numeric business terms. Business leaders manage by the numbers and it is reasonable for them to want a gauge for this work. We inadvertently have complicated matters by introducing surveys as the benchmark we want leaders to manage to. In our quest to make this connection, there has been a proliferation of smart analysis done to establish correlations between lift in survey score results and increase in loyalty and ultimately customer profitability. Smart work (but really complicated)and it still leaves leaders questioning the financial connection.

Many companies don't go back and prove out if the hypothesized correlation between survey scores and growth delivered. If they do, the results are presented in a mathematical equation that failsto inspire widespread leadership action or clarity on what actions to take. These mathematical equations still do not deliver an easily understood connection between customer focus efforts and the "show me the money" business impact – which nearly every customer experience leader receives at some point.