The idea of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is not new, but that doesn't mean that it's easily understood or even well-executed by most brands, especially in today's radically changing marketing environment.

Whether or not organizations have completely mastered traditional CRM, global, social, and mobile adoption has already changed the game and shifted the landscape. Consumers now have the opportunity to interact with a brand anywhere they want, whenever they want. Brands that are prepared to engage in this "always-on" environment have the potential for a significant competitive advantage, while those focusing on traditional campaign-centric tactics will be quickly left behind.

A 2012 Forrester Research Inc. report, The Evolution of the Customer Engagement Agency by Fatemeh Khatibloo, described such an approach evolving an organization's marketing from a campaign, channel, and tactical focus to one where the attention is on optimizing the consumer experience.  This is done by using data and marketing intelligence at every interaction and synchronizing engagement across all user channels conversationally, in real-time.