Companies are constantly making promises to their customers and prospects during every interaction as well as through advertisements and on social media. But customers don't judge the organizations they do business with on what they say, but rather on whether they deliver on their promises, making it essential to ensure that the customer experience lives up to the brand promise.

Although the practice of overpromising and under-delivering isn't new, today's customers have the tools and resources to expect a higher level of transparency. Further, customers have the ability to quickly and easily tell the world when a brand fails to live up to their expectations. "The dirty laundry is out there because of social media," says Loni Kao Stark, director of product and industry marketing at Adobe's Digital Marketing Solutions.

This phenomenon means that organizations have no choice but to make sure that they are delivering on their promises and living up to their customers' expectations. Otherwise, not only will they risk losing their existing customers, but will also gain a reputation that they don't keep their word and are therefore not trustworthy.  "In the world of social media and digitally connected customers, only the authentic brands will survive," Stark says.