Savvy organizations are listening to their customers to determine whether they're delivering the products or services that these clients expect and using these insights to make changes. In turn, business leaders are relying heavily on analytics to better understand the information that their customers are sharing with them.

Media organizations represent one of many industries jumping on the analytics bandwagon to seek an understanding of what content resonates with their customers and which areas need to change. This is especially important as several news organizations move from a print-based model to one that's more digitally based, and therefore more analytics rich.

Union Tribune San Diego is among those news organizations that recently moved to a digital and platform-neutral model and it was therefore important for the company to understand what it was doing right as well as identify areas of improvement. The company was cognizant of the need to determine what content resonates with readers and which articles were underperforming. They then shared the feedback with the writers and editors, allowing them to make the suggested changes to the content and writing styles.