Videos, infographics, and other visual-based "Internet memes" are all the rage.  Since one of the main purposes of social media is to minimize text or prose, these tools have forced us all to take another look at how we're expressing ourselves.  The few written words still used are there primarily to entice you to check out the visual, or provide an interesting or amusing caption for that visual. The visual is now the story, which means that telling your story using visual imagery is one of the most effective ways of getting your message out. 

What does this mean? That if you have not yet translated your written-word marketing and sales messages into visual storytelling assets, you are – at best – at risk of not getting your point across. A more likely scenario is that you—and the product or service you're trying to sell—will just be ignored. Even research and analyst firms that relied on mammoth whitepapers, reports, and dense, text-heavy presentations are now delivering their content in infographics and videos. (Not saying they are any good, just saying they are trying.)

You must 'wake' the brain