Net Promoter Score (NPS) continues to gain prevalence, with many companies believing it's the one number they need to grow. But, while NPS helps companies learn how likely customers are to recommend their products or services, this all-important metric fails to provide insight into why customers might praise or pan their offerings. 

In its recent "Better Customer Experience Correlates to Higher Net Promoter Scores" report, Forrester explores how customer experience correlates to NPS across industries by examining company scores using Forrester's Customer Experience Index (CXi) as compared to the NPS ratings for the same companies. CXi extracts the insight necessary to understand the customer behavior that impacts NPS by breaking customer perceptions into three areas of analysis—meeting customer needs, ease, and enjoyability. The study, which focuses on various credit card and wireless service providers, highlights the direct benefits of using customer experience to improve NPS.

The following insights underscore why companies must look at the entire customer experience to improve their business and boost NPS: