GM's decision to pull advertising dollars from Facebook in favor of allotting greater budget for content creation and marketing may have ignited recent debate, but content marketing has become an irrefutable focal point for many global brands.

But it's not just about transforming marketing and sales collateral to drive a customer conversation and feign insight into his or her interests and needs, it's also about creating and publishing the right content—personalized, informative, and entertaining—based on digital behaviors in order to effectively build personalized customer relationships in ways that big splashy TV ads and repetitive radio spots can't. 

In fact, during the recent Facebook earnings call, Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg seemed to support this right content message, emphasizing the importance of ensuring that content fits the channel. She offered this commentary: "When you think about the advertising experience on Facebook, it is complicated, and that's mainly because we're a completely new kind of marketing. We're not TV. We're not search. We're a third medium…." She continued, by saying "The right ad on TV or on search is the wrong ad for Facebook. Facebook marketers need to learn how to make their ads really a two-way dialog with consumers."