Social media and mobile technologies are now forces to be reckoned with. Over the past few years, companies across industries have come to recognize each channel's massive potential. Many brands have put much effort into laying the groundwork for their social and mobile strategies, yet most have yet to move to the next level of leveraging them to engage directly with customers. Though some entered into the social sphere blindly, creating Facebook and Twitter accounts that failed to engage, most have come to understand each network's advantages. And, while mobile technologies have only recently begun to gain traction with consumers, companies of all shapes and sizes recognize they must connect with customers through this increasingly preferred channel. Both social and mobile now stand on promising foundations, which companies are sure to build upon throughout 2013.

Though no channel comes with an accompanying one-size-fits-all guide to success, the following trends highlight what we can expect to see on both the social and mobile fronts in the coming year. Each strategy displays how companies plan to connect with customers, boost engagement, and better learn how to target their marketing efforts.

Get In the Game, Get Consumers Engaged