It is exciting to celebrate Customer Service Day because we know that so many customer service employees not only meet but exceed customer expectations through the personal touch of their customer service delivery. Customer service employees are instrumental in bringing to life, the mission, and vision of an organization. For that reason, the role played by customer service employees is vital to the success of an organization.

Organizational objectives are achieved interaction by interaction through the everyday practices of customer service employees. As such, enabling customer service employees with the tools and coaching to make good service the rule rather than the exception is necessary in order to stand out in the current global multichannel customer service environment. 

The importance and impact of good customer service have increased and continue to increase as markets expand globally and customer service channels including phone, email, chat and social media, continue to develop. Customers are better informed and as a result have greater demands. Good service is expected by customers, and influences their decision to start or continue doing business with a particular organization.