Many marketers and data analysts hear the term "Big Data" at least once per day. They discuss the subject ad nauseum, but when it comes down to understanding the incoming information, most companies are ill equipped to manage the burgeoning flow of customer data. While technologies and techniques offer ample opportunity to extract insight quickly and accurately, most have yet to implement the necessary analytics tools needed to take Big Data to the next level.

Based on recent research, Neolane estimates that 2.7 zettabytes of data were generated in 2012 alone. (That's 2.7 bytes followed by 21 zeros, just to clarify.) Factor in the 354 billion corporate emails, 400 million tweets, and one billion Facebook posts sent worldwide each day, and you will see that the influx of data won't be subsiding any time soon. 

Neolane recently partnered with The Direct Marketing Association (DMA) to explore how mid-level and executive-level marketers across industries are juggling all the incoming data. The study, which surveyed more than 250 respondents, reveals that many are struggling to manage this influx of information and that the majority must change their methods if they hope to convert customer data into actionable insight. The following statistics provide a small peek into the overwhelming Big Data conundrum: