Children learn best when they are at play. By acting out various roles and tasks, children absorb the lessons behind their activities, all while having fun and interacting with their peers. Of course, while companies certainly don't want employees goofing off on the job, playing pretend may just be the key to successful service training, as well.

For companies across industries, simulated training exercises have become a way to engage service professionals while allowing these employees to hone their abilities, learn new skills, and adjust to the constantly changing support environment. These methods now foster learning journeys, offering professionals the opportunity to evolve alongside their businesses so they remain invested in their company's future. 

"People tend to learn a lot by doing on the job," says Rommin Adl, executive vice president at BTS. However, entrusting employees to learn as they do opens these learners up to mistakes that may inevitably reduce employee engagement because they haven't done the task before.