As social, mobile and analytics efforts continue to influence how brands target consumers, digital relevance will reign supreme and will shape the ever-changing ways marketers attract and retain consumers. In this era of the connected consumer, it's more important than ever for brands to be relevant across all mediums, embrace social media, and leverage digital and mobile platforms as a part of their comprehensive and integrated marketing plan.

Relevance across all mediums

Consumers continue to communicate, work, and interact across various channels. It's imperative that marketers strive to do the same. Through the use of Big Data, and by using the valuable information and insights derived from real-time analytics, companies possess the means to target consumers in a captivating and personalized fashion and engage them in compelling experiences. These tailored experiences must be carried out via multiple mediums, and marketers must also seek to understand the context and intent of each interaction consumers make. From mobile to online, and from traditional marketing practices to new tech-savvy digital methods, the different avenues to reach consumers are endless. Consumers are everywhere and companies that understand that consumer relevance is a vital component of their marketing strategy will succeed in the coming year.