Companies across industries recognize that Big Data has become a key component in strategy development. But, as they decide how to incorporate these newfound insights with their current methods, many companies have also discovered that C-level collaboration is essential for success. While CMOs and CIOs are often believed to be fundamentally at odds, both now agree that Big Data presents an opportunity for marketing and IT to come together in an effort to nurture customer centricity.

The CMO Council's recent study, "Big Data's Biggest Role: Aligning the CMO & CIO," explores Big Data's potential as a key competitive differentiator and how marketers and IT executives will drive the implementation of a more customer-centric business culture. Conducted in partnership with SAS, the survey polled 237 senior marketers and 210 senior IT executives, revealing that, according to 40 percent of marketers and 51 percent of IT professionals, Big Data now stands as the primary factor in achieving an enterprisewide customer-centric culture.

The following statistics examine where marketers and IT professionals currently stand in their journey toward collaboration and customer centricity: