Organizations have long recognized that customer feedback can give them a snapshot of their brands' performance. But more savvy business leaders with sound data analytics practices understand that customers can uncover issues in individual employee performance that they can address and improve through targeted training.

Many times the first step to uncover these individual employee requirements is to create robust customer profiles that link all their interactions with the company directly to the individual employee they engaged with. As much as possible, they should also include insight into customers' social channels to determine what they're saying about the company.

While organizations are in possession of a lot of customer information, it's often siloed, preventing brands from having a holistic view of their customers. Lamont Exeter, executive director of learning solutions at TeleTech, recommends that companies link their CRM systems to customers' social channels, which allows brands to connect feedback to a specific transaction. Such a system will help organizations determine which employee was responsible for a specific interaction that led to the feedback and will be instrumental in determining individual training needs.  "Use online feedback," he stresses. Even if a customer isn't giving the feedback directly to an organization, social media chatter can be an extremely valid source of information which not only gives brands data about their own performance, but can help them better understand how employees are faring.