Employees are the heart of every organization. With an array of diverse skills, staff members bring life to any given company as they pump their energy and expertise throughout the enterprise. Yet, while operations typically depend on how these individuals conduct business and carry out the brand's mission, many organizations fail to provide an engaging environment that encourages collaborative learning.

For many companies, the departments within the organization are siloed—much like customer data. Employees possess great knowledge about the customer experience, but they rarely find the opportunity to share their insights with those outside their area of expertise. Instead, employees are left to approach customer service with tunnel vision, as they are unable to connect with those across all disciplines. Such staff members often lose motivation and disengage, for their desire to learn and educate remains unfulfilled.  Luckily, most companies are beginning to recognize the power behind employee engagement and the value each individual brings to both their brands' bottom lines and their strategies. 

"When employees understand the bigger picture of how their role impacts the mission and vision of the company, they connect more with the company," says Beth Miller, president and founder of Executive Velocity. "They have a greater sense of purpose rather than feeling like a cog in the wheel."