1to1 Case in Point

Every business has a back-story. Challenges arise, solutions are devised and executed, and business leaders inspire change and encourage belief–leading to performance improvements and revenue gains. The main characters in these stories are the customers these businesses serve. They are the source of inspiration for change; and when their needs are met, they're at the heart of business success. Yet, too often, these tales of success go untold.

1to1® Media's new Case in Point are comprehensive case studies that examine the strategies and tactics that today's top companies use to improve the customer experience. These in-depth studies highlight each company's journey, establishing it as a model for other organizations to marvel in its success.


Exploiting the Cloud's Flexibility to Compete with Goliaths

It's tough for companies to distinguish themselves by product or price. But one effective way that companies can differentiate themselves is through the customer experience. This includes the experiences that customers have when interacting with the contact center. Read the case study to learn how start-up Straight Forward gained customer insight and agility by adopting a cloud-based contact center platform.