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Welcome to the 1to1 Media community, a rich, multi-media resource for you to learn innovative ideas and best practices in customer relationship management.  Every form of content you'll enjoy from 1to1 Media, including Customer Relationship Management Articles, has an over-arching theme-to help you succeed by creating customer relationships that lock-in brand loyalty and drive your company's profits. Plus, through our parent company, Peppers & Rogers Group, we provide the world's best-known consulting services for businesses looking for customer strategy solutions to reach their business marketing goals. 

1to1 Media is dedicated to helping organizations with thought leadership, field experience, and editorial expertise providing customer relationship management strategy for marketing professionals. Gain customer relationship management insight with a real-world perspective from content that can help you to achieve your objectives. We provide relevant and valuable industry-specific content on customer relationship management to broaden your thinking and strengthen your position in the marketplace by building stronger and more sustainable relationships with your customers.

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Recently in Employee Relationship Management Category.... programs such as marketing or customer service, at the detriment to customers...

CRM Case Study:
By exploring how Jaguar could increase its Customer Relationship Management, Peppers & Rogers Group helped the firm improve this rate to 39 percent. ...

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Brad Stevens, vice president of customer relationship management at Starbucks, told the Times that the company is also considering using the ...

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