Urvashi Sheth, Senior Director, Global Customer Care, SanDisk

Sheth listens to customer interactions on a daily basis and makes adjustments in real time.
Customer Service

The Intent Listener

Urvashi Sheth, senior director at SanDisk, says she continuously aims to make meaningful improvements and create an environment of trust for the company's customers.

In achieving this, she says it's most important to listen to the interactions between the company's customer care centers and customers."This provides me with information about where the gaps are in our processes, about what makes our customer comfortable interacting with us, and about what their immediate needs and concerns are in regards to our products and services," she says. "I can then use such knowledge to enhance the customer experience."

And she does.

Why is she a Customer Champion

Urvavshi has created an environment which makes SanDisk's customers comfortable to contact the company by providing them various channels, being deeply respectful of their time spent with the company, and making sure that their needs are met quickly and effectively. She listens to customer interactions on a daily basis, reviews customer survey feedback, and makes appropriate adjustments in real time.

Champion in action

Until September 2014, submission of warranty replacement requests online wasn't available for U.S. customers, and survey feedback indicated the company needed to improve its turnaround time for warranty replacement. Convinced that SanDisk customers will benefit immensely from a new and easy process, she submitted her case to SVP of the retail division with risk mitigation strategy. That same month, an online warranty replacement process was implemented for U.S. customers.

Part of Sheth's daily routine is to listen to customers and communicate their needs, ideas, and feedback received at all levels of her organization.

A good example of this routine is her weekly meetings with call center managers, supervisors, and Quality Assurance agents where she discusses problems, new ideas, processes, and improvements and then communicates their ideas to executives, team members, and other departments like Product Marketing and Engineering. This loop of continuous communication and improvement has resulted in a very high customer satisfaction rate of 93 percent and above worldwide. The team under her leadership has also won Gold in the 2014 Gartner and1to1Media Customer Experience Excellence Awards.

"I give customers the confidence that they are being heard continuously by implementing various services and innovative solutions based on their feedback," she says. "This in turn creates a relationship based on trust, which is one of the most important factors in fostering long-term relationships with customers."

One of the biggest cultural changes she has made during her tenure at SanDisk is empowering agents to resolve customer issues instead of escalating to the next level. This has created a culture of creativity and autonomy and agents have gained a sense of pride and job satisfaction.

Big Results

SanDisk Global Customer Care operates 50 depots in China and India and is in the process of launching in Brazil. The result of this undertaking to the business is immense:

Customer satisfaction at these depots is up to 97 percent.

YOY sales in these countries continue to increase by 5 percent over the past three years creating, huge customer loyalty.
The high rate of agent engagement has kept agent attrition rate at SanDisk contact centers at 5 percent this year compared to 13 to15 percent in the industry.
With the ability to make immediate decisions, agents are able to provide quick resolution to customers which has increased first-call resolution rate by 12 percent.