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Elizabeth Glagowski | January 10, 2011

Getting the Biggest Bang for Your Social Media Buck


Today's issue of 1to1 Magazine's Weekly Digest tackles two hot issues among social media strategists: the role of influencers and the difficulty in achieving measurable ROI. Both topics are on the forefront of any social media discussion.

In her article, In Social Media Marketing, Influence Trumps Popularity, Mila D'Antonio talks to experts about how "true evangelists, advocates, enthusiasts, or key opinion leaders can prove to be more valuable in social channels than the customers who scream the loudest." The hard part is identifying those valuable influencers.

Urban Outfitters is one company looking to interact with influencers. The retailer encourages customers via opt-in email communications to like or recommend products they just purchased on Facebook, as well as to ask friends to "rate my outfit." The goal is to get their friends to see their recommendations on Facebook and visit It's an example of a company not just wanting to participate on social media, but also looking to enhance its reach to customers and prospects.

And in the second feature this week, How B2B Companies Leverage Social Media, I spotlight how Cisco and Seven use social media even in the complex B2B marketing space. Like their B2C counterparts, they use multiple social media tools to find customers where they are and provide another communication channel.

One challenge common to both B2B and B2C social media efforts is the ability to tie them back to specific ROI. The Corporate Executive Board provides five tips for companies looking to connect social media to business results, advising companies think of social media as more of a relationship-builder than a pure revenue generator.

These two crucial topics will continue to be discussed and experimented with as companies increase their use of social media and integrate it with other marketing, sales, and service strategies. How do you tackle such issues at your company?


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