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Mila D'Antonio | March 21, 2012

Integrated Marketing Performance Builds Customer Loyalty


One thing most likely on every marketer's mind today is integrated marketing. With ever-emerging customer channels and communications devices, marketers find themselves in a constant race to implement effective strategies, processes, and technologies that link communications across channels, ensuring consistency and personalization. In return, they want the complete view of the customer--a picture into their cross-channel behaviors and a guide to what influences them on their journey to purchase.

Gamestop and Highmark, the Gold and Silver winners in the integrated marketing performance category in the Gartner & 1to1 Media CRM Excellence Awards, have demonstrated that their integrated marketing programs are not only improving communications with customers, but they're also providing the organizations with a wealth of data to help continue to foster customer loyalty.

PowerUp Rewards, Gamestop's experiential-based loyalty program, which includes a rewards catalog and a monthly Epic Reward Giveaway, combines customers' online profiles with game libraries, communication preferences, and transactional data. As a result, GameStop has a rich view of its members, including purchase behavior and responses to targeted offers.

So far, through measurement, Gamestop has determined that the average PowerUp Rewards member has transacted more than four times since joining the program; members also average three times the spend of non-PowerUp Rewards members.

Highmark, a health insurance provider, wants to be a guide for patients and their families, particularly among seniors on Medicare. So, in 2008 the company, launched the Health Partner program, which sends ongoing education and proactive health prevention messaging to these patients and their health partners (e.g., parents, spouses, children) to help monitor and improve the patients' health and to involve their health partners in their care.

So far, the program results look healthy. Between May and September last year, Highmark mailed 138,257 enrollment invitations with the goal of acquiring 7,000 members. By December 5 the program reached 142 percent of goal with 9,922 enrollees, driving five times the enrollments as the first two years of the manual program.

GameStop and Highmark prove that proactively communicating with customers in the channels of their choice, not only keeps customers engaged; it will undoubtedly boost loyalty too.


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