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Cynthia Clark | March 19, 2012

Using Data to Improve Sales Effectiveness


Having the right customer data is essential for organizations to provide the most personalized and relevant customer experience. Harry Rosen Inc. and McAfee have both bolstered the data in their CRM systems to improve their sales efforts while delivering a better customer experience. Their efforts have landed them among the winners of the Gartner & 1to1 Media CRM Excellence Awards, in the sales effectiveness category.

Gold winner Harry Rosen introduced mobile CRM to allow its associates to give more personalized service to their clients, in real time while the customers are in-store. Using mobile CRM, sales associates can easily access information about their clients, including sizing and clothing preferences, allowing the associates to prepare for appointments, provide more relevant assistance while with customers, and contact clients about upcoming events and new stock items.

McAfee, the category's silver winner, increased lead accuracy after cleaning up its customer and prospect data. As a result, the sales team is receiving more qualified leads, which they can then target with the most relevant information. Now that they have better and more accurate information, McAfee's sales team is more confident and able to better target customers and prospects with relevant communications.

Both Harry Rosen and McAfee have reaped significant benefits from their endeavors. Harry Rosen's proactive customer service has helped the high-end retailer achieve a 10 percent annual increase in revenues over the past three years. In addition, the personalized service and expertise are leading to higher customer satisfaction and more return clients.

McAfee's CRM data cleansing has led to a 12 percent increase in qualified leads between 2010 and 2011. The company has also seen conversion rates climb from 15 percent in 2010 to 20 percent last year. Moreover, targeting customers and prospects with information that's relevant to them has increased responsiveness; in fact, 90 percent of those contacted expressed interest to learn more about McAfee's products.

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