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Elizabeth Glagowski | April 30, 2012
"The big change in the world is that patients are taking control." The remarks from TEDMED's Jay Walker at last week's World Health Care Congress captured the prevailing sentiment of the conference for medical and healthcare executives. Nearly every session and keynote focused on the theme that consumers, once a secondary business consideration in the industry, have shot to the forefront of healthcare business strategy. Read more »
Ginger Conlon | April 27, 2012
Many business leaders consider their most valuable customers as those who are the most profitable or the largest. There's certainly no denying that. Increasingly, customers who are considerable social influencers are also moving up the value chain. But what about the customers who don't buy much, but only buy from you. Customers who give you 100 percent wallet share. Do you know who they are? Do you need to? Read more »
Cynthia Clark | April 27, 2012
New experiences are exciting, but the fascination can quickly dissipate unless we're continually wowed. This is true for companies, which need to continue to enchant their customers to make sure they don't go to competitors. According to Guy Kawasaki, Apple's former chief evangelist, there are three pillars to make enchantment last--likeability, trustworthiness, and quality. "You need the likeability of Richard Branson, the trustworthiness of Zappos, and the quality of Apple," he said during the SAS Global Forum this week. Read more »
Cynthia Clark | April 26, 2012
Customers don't just expect the brands they do business with to deliver a great experience; they also want it to be effortless. Regardless of how fantastic a product is or how impressive the services, having to put in effort to make their relationship with a company work will negatively impact the customer experience. The expectation that they don't have to work hard to get what they need from a company continues--perhaps becoming even stronger--when customers decide to stop doing business Read more »
Ginger Conlon | April 26, 2012
If the roles were reversed, would a company be so honest: On a recent shopping trip I visited Dick's Sporting Goods to purchase snow boots for myself and for my daughter. While there we added gloves and several other items to our cache. The line was long and full of customers impatiently shuffling their purchases as one harried cashier rushed to ring up sales and quickly as possible. Read more »
Mila D'Antonio | April 25, 2012
After attending Forrester's Marketing Leadership Forum last week, I came away with two realizations: 1. Marketers are getting serious about leveraging conversations about their brands in social networks, and 2. Because many marketers are jumping in without a clear strategy about how social fits in with other customer touchpoints, data silos are proliferating. Read more »
Anna Papachristos | April 24, 2012
We live in the land of make believe. We pretend to "go shopping," but we never leave our chairs. We fill "bags" with items, but there are no handles to carry. Yet, once we click the purchase button, much like the wave of a wand, these products magically appear 7-10 business days later. Read more »
Tom Hoffman | April 24, 2012
If you're like me, the parent of a soon-to-be college student, you're probably immersed in researching colleges and universities to help determine which ones may be a suitable fit for your child. After all, with a price tag that can exceed $200,000 for a four-year degree, finding the right college for your child is serious business. Read more »
Ginger Conlon | April 23, 2012
Yes, we all want engaged customers. Awesome products can create customer engagement (think: Apple). A unique customer experience can build customer engagement. But there's nothing quite like engaged, enthusiastic employees to inspire engagement among customers, particularly new customers or those on the fence. In other words, employee engagement--especially among customer-facing employees--is as important as customer engagement, because the former is often essential to the latter. Consider my recent experience with Nike. Read more »
Ginger Conlon | April 20, 2012
How many times have you bought something from a retailer online only to find yourself facing a sudden onslaught of emails from the company? Too many, I'm sure. Yes, online retailers need their customers' email addresses to confirm their purchases. But it's the more customer-centric companies that actually 1) note that the email will be used for confirmation purposes only, and then 2) ask if you'd like to opt in to their mailing list(s). Many retailers simply opt in customers Read more »
Guest Blogger: Chris Beall | April 19, 2012
One hundred years ago, Titanic launched. Three days later, she sank, taking precious lives and treasure to an icy grave. In hindsight, saving the ship should have been easy. The captain and crew needed to listen to warnings from nearby ships, communicate more honestly among themselves, and turn hard to port before it was too late. But the main thing they needed wasn't to be invented for 27 years: radar to see dangerous icebergs miles away through the fog. Read more »
Cynthia Clark | April 19, 2012
Change is exciting, but it can also be daunting. This means that drivers of change have a difficult task on their hands, convincing their colleagues that such a change will be beneficial for the whole organization. Despite the best intentions, organizations often encounter problems when attempting to transform customer experience. According to Lior Arussy, president of Strativity Group, one of the major mistakes that organizations make in their transformation journey is thinking that what's being proposed has already been tried. Read more »
Mila D'Antonio | April 18, 2012
Brand building is a journey for all companies and organizations, said Chris Stutzman, vice president and principal analyst, at Forrester during his opening remarks during Forrester's Marketing Leadership Forum 2012 today in Los Angeles. Read more »
Anna Papachristos | April 18, 2012
Human beings have the propensity to give, but often lack the follow through. Filling out paper or online forms to make a donation or volunteer can become a chore that discourages the generous from giving both their time and money. But as mobile devices become more widespread, charities and other organizations are also working to branch out, developing techniques that cater to the digital age. Read more »
Tom Hoffman | April 17, 2012
1to1 Media's Tom Hoffman speaks with Udi Ziv, President of NICE Systems' Enterprise Group, about approaches for striking a balance between using customer sentiment in social media while protecting customer privacy. Read more »
Elizabeth Glagowski | April 16, 2012
"Consumers think of healthcare as a complex web," said Joshua Riff, M.D., chief medical director at Target at today's World Health Care Congress event. The company known for customer engagement sees healthcare as a potential new horizon. Read more »
Ginger Conlon | April 13, 2012
I've noticed lately that a few of my favorite brands seem to be following me around. I clicked through an opt-in email from Ford, which led me to its website. While there I looked at the social badges and explored the 2013 Mustang. Then, during my next visit to Facebook there was an ad for the Mustang. On another occasion I visited Livestrong to track my fitness and was served an ad for clothing retailer White House|Black Market (I'm a Read more »
Guest Blogger: Curtis Bingham | April 12, 2012
It seems that everyone now has a Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and any other alphabet soup social media account you can think of. And rabid social media "experts" are calling for every C-level executive to embrace social media as part of their new commitment to transparency. Read more »
Cynthia Clark | April 12, 2012
The relationship with a company doesn't finish when money changes hands. Even if it's a retail transaction, often that's only the beginning. Especially with increased competition, companies are under extra pressure to ensure that they not only satisfy their customers' expectations for after-sales service, but exceed them. Nine West recently did just that, and what might have been a one-time purchase may turn into a long-term relationship. Read more »
Mila D'Antonio | April 11, 2012
April is customer loyalty month, a 30-day wake-up call for companies to realize that engaging customers one-on-one in stores, through social media, and in marketing communications can have far-reaching effects on customer loyalty, word-of-mouth marketing, and increased sales. Read more »
Anna Papachristos | April 10, 2012
Even when in public, everyone still seeks comfort in the right to privacy. But for us ladies, "rest" rooms can be the unsettling sore spot of the overall customer experience. Read more »
Guest Blogger: Paul Hagen | April 9, 2012
Many different types of firms have channel partners or others that control a significant part of the actual experience with customers. Automobile companies have dealers, insurance and real estate firms have independent agents, software companies have value-added resellers (VARs), restaurants and hotels have franchises, and heavy equipment manufacturers have resellers. Even the brokers or financial advisors within financial services organizations can act in many ways like these external partners. Read more »
Ginger Conlon | April 9, 2012
Remember the automat? Walls of vending machines stocked with sandwiches, snacks, and drinks; cafeteria-style dining. Popular in the early 1900s, they began to fade in the 1950s. When Horn & Hardart closed its last automat (on 42nd Street in Manhattan) in 1991, it seemed that gone were the days of getting any food but chips, crackers, and Pop Tarts from a vending machine. But in what seems to be a move to address the snacking needs of today's impatient, on-the-go Read more »
Ginger Conlon | April 6, 2012
Customer experience, as we all know, is a hot topic. In the rush to embrace and improve it, some business leaders mold its definition to suit their needs. In many cases this means equating customer experience with customer service. They are not the same, and it causes confusion within organizations, as well as in the marketplace, to use them interchangeably. Read more »
Cynthia Clark | April 5, 2012
Social media and mobile phones have changed the way many people view the world. But the impact hasn't solely been on connectivity, as social channels and text messages gave rise to new ways of communication using text. The prevalence in text-based communication has increased the popularity of chat for customer service use, according to Jeremy Sokolic, senior vice president of marketing at LivePerson. "Text-based communication has become second nature," he said during a recent conversation. Read more »
Mila D'Antonio | April 4, 2012
It's inevitable. We've all experienced an airline horror story at one time or another. Whether it's a delayed flight, lost luggage, or a surly flight attendant, these experiences tend to unite us like the 4th of July. Read more »
Anna Papachristos | April 4, 2012
Each day, airlines connect thousands of travelers with hundreds of distant destinations. They carry customers from one place to another, often forgetting they are not just passengers, but are people, too. However, for JetBlue, connecting with customers has become a priority at touchpoints throughout the trip cycle. Particularly, JetBlue's advertising initiatives show that the airline cares about each individual customer's experience, not just how the airline is perceived. Read more »
Tom Hoffman | April 3, 2012
1to1 Media's Tom Hoffman speaks with Vinay Iyer, Vice President of Marketing at SAP, about the evolution of customer relationship management. Read more »
Guest Blogger: Kerry Bodine | April 2, 2012
Think about your favorite action movie. Raiders Of The Lost Ark. The Matrix. Any James Bond flick. What do they have in common? A storyline that goes something like this: In the first few minutes you're drawn into a short chase or adventure--something that immediately gets your heart pounding. It builds up quickly, and then resolves with a big boom! You're hooked. And at that point, the main narrative begins. Over the course of the next 90 minutes or so, Read more »
Elizabeth Glagowski | April 2, 2012
Today's issue of 1to1 Magazine highlights the Top Mobile Trends to Watch. A number of experts in the industry share what they think are hot topics related to mobile marketing, customer service, and the overall customer experience. Data shows that mobile is a burgeoning channel. However, its promise has yet to be fully realized. Read more »