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Anna Papachristos | April 10, 2012

Restroom Repairs and Maintenance Benefit the 'Bottom' Line



Even when in public, everyone still seeks comfort in the right to privacy. But for us ladies, "rest" rooms can be the unsettling sore spot of the overall customer experience.

Thanks to modern technology (and the plumbing gods), we've become spoiled by the luxury of flush toilets and running water. But to maintain our sanitary tendencies, we've also become accustomed to toilet paper, soap, and paper towels--one of those being a tad more vital, of course. Yet, in many instances, the only bits of toilet paper to be found are the torn shreds scattered across the restroom's floor.

While many stores and restaurants put great effort into making sure their outward appearance attracts a crowd, the restroom often goes unkempt, leaving potential customers to settle for squalor or run to the nearest competitor. But, while clogged toilets and cheap toilet tissue may disappoint, faulty stalls not only show neglect for the business, but for the customer, as well.

If I seek a stall, it's because I need privacy, yet on numerous occasions I have been confronted with nothing but a row of broken locks. Each empty stall was vacant simply because there was no way to eliminate interruptions. Many businesses require employees to inspect the restrooms at determined intervals, yet the general disarray proves that these attendants view inspections as a mere formality, not a responsibility. Surely no one wants to have to clean the restroom--simply discussing our normal bodily functions is taboo in today's society--yet we can't avoid the issue no matter how many times we flush. It always resurfaces.

Often, the restroom is either the very first or very last place you visit, making it the place that sets the tone of your experience or the last vision in your mind before you leave. And in an economy where fewer consumers are leaving their home to shop or dine as it is, brick-and-mortar establishments need to shine in every way.

For companies looking to boost customer satisfaction even a little, do not hesitate to hit below the belt, so to speak. Not only does a well-maintained restroom delight the average lady, but also it shows respect for the establishment, respect for the services and products offered, and respect for the customer.

Of course, I can only speak with regard to the women's restrooms I've used over the years, but I imagine this issue spans the sexes. So, gentlemen, what are your main gripes when it comes to men's room maintenance?


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