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Elizabeth Glagowski | April 2, 2012

How Does Your Mobile Customer Experience Stack Up?


Today's issue of 1to1 Magazine highlights the Top Mobile Trends to Watch. A number of experts in the industry share what they think are hot topics related to mobile marketing, customer service, and the overall customer experience. Data shows that mobile is a burgeoning channel. However, its promise has yet to be fully realized.

Within customer experience circles, experts have predicted this to be the "year of mobile" every year for almost as long as I can remember. In today's 1to1 Magazine article, experts and those in the vendor community talk about the opportunities available via the mobile channel. But, just because you build it, doesn't mean people will come.

We've heard lots of business perspective on the mobile channel, so I'd like to know what the consumer perspective is. We're all consumers, and I bet that each one of you reading this has a phone, and most of you have a smartphone. So, put on your consumer hat for a second and share your thoughts on the reality of the mobile customer experience. Please take these polls, and see how your answers match up with others.


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