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Cynthia Clark | November 1, 2012

Bridging Silos is Key for Organizations


Imagetek.jpgBreaking down silos and bringing information from different departments together is increasingly becoming a priority for organizations that are trying to make the most of their resources.

Bringing formerly-siloed information together is especially important for those organizations that want to improve the experience they deliver to their customers. Unfortunately, this can be less than optimal if different departments are working on their own and have no cognizance into what others are doing.

One organization that strived to bridge silos is Imagetek, which specializes in the training and implementation of content management systems and maintenance of both hardware and software. According to Steve Ogden, the company's general manager, Imagetek was facing a situation where all its information was in silos across the enterprise. Despite having a CRM system, this was only being used by the sales team while other departments were using a home-built infrastructure.

The situation meant that different departments did not have visibility to the contacts that a particular customer would have had with other divisions. Ogden says that customers are being touched at various individual places with a lack of continuity from one contact to another. For example, a client who was encountering a hardware problem would lodge a report with the maintenance team, who would put it in a system that wasn't accessible to other departments.

In order to improve the situation, Imagetek wanted to invest in a robust CRM solution which could be expanded to departments across the company. The company decided on a solution from Soffront, which is allowing Imagetek to have an integrated view of communications with its customers.

Further, customers themselves have a better visibility into their interactions with the company. Ogden says customers have access to a 24/7 portal where they can check on the status of their tickets, knowing who is handling a particular case and when it is scheduled to be finalized.

Ogden says the new system has decreased doubling of work between different departments and apart from saving time, has also increased accuracy. Although this wasn't the main reason for implementing the CRM system, Imagetek has also seen a decrease in calls to its contact center since customers can check on the status of their case online.


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