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Mila D'Antonio | January 28, 2013

Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, Ph.D., Receive the Silver Apple Award


Last Thursday, at its 28th Silver Apple Awards Gala, the Direct Marketing Club of New York honored Peppers & Rogers Group's Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, Ph.D., for their leadership on customer-focused business strategies for the past 20 years.

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Peppers and Rogers were among eight honorees inducted into the 2012 Silver Apple Class and recognized for their commitment and vision in the direct marketing industry.

"Our honorees demonstrate their commitment by mentoring and teaching the future leaders of our industry," said DMCNY President Cyndi Lee. "When I look at what makes up the criteria for receiving a Silver Apple, four values come to mind: leadership, vision, passion and commitment."

Rogers, who accepted the award on behalf of both her and Peppers, said she admires DMCNY's work as well as the industry's transition from traditional "direct" to one-to-one and interactive marketing. "It's one thing for Don and me to come up with ideas and books, but the real accomplishment is bringing the future to life, which is what everyone in this organization does," she said.

Peppers added that he felt honored to be selected for a Silver Apple. "Just being considered in the same category as all those very illustrious previous recipients - icons of the direct marketing industry - is humbling," he said.

Both Peppers and Rogers predict more interconnectedness as time marches on. "It is the technologies driving social networking that also drive transparency in business, and because of this we will see a deeper and deeper need for a new higher level of trust -- Extreme Trust," Rogers explained.

Peppers added, "Because of interactivity and social media, the whole marketing world is being transformed into what used to be called "direct" marketing. And many of the true pioneers of this new field are celebrated with Silver Apple awards. I'm deeply honored to be considered one of them."

1to1 Media congratulates Don and Martha, as well as these other Silver Apple recipients:

Scott Fenwich, vice president of sales, training, and development, ValueClick Media
Jim Fosina, founder and CEO, Fosina Marketing Group
Donald. P. Hinman, senior vice president of data strategy at Epsilon Targeting
Professor Harvey Markovitz, clinical associate professor of marketing, Pace University
Pegg Nadler, president, Pegg Nadler Associates
Leon Henry, chairman, Leon Henry, Inc.
Corporate Honoree: McVicker & Higginbotham, Inc.


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