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Mila D'Antonio | January 7, 2013

Navigating the 2013 Customer Experience Journey


It's that time of year again, when predictions, trends, and resolutions articles come out of the woodwork to help guide our expectations for the coming year. At 1to1 Media, we've included a few of our own around the customer experience.

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Today, Senior Writer Cynthia Clark writes about the five major predictions we'll see around the customer experience this year in "The Customer Experience Crystal Ball: Predictions for 2013." It's no surprise that as customers become more and more connected they're also becoming more empowered and informed than ever before.

I think it should be especially interesting to watch how businesses embrace the Millennial Generation, often dubbed Generation C (Connected). With every year that passes, this group becomes far more important to the economy than people realize. This ultra-connected generation that expects enterprises to listen to and recognize their feedback, is likely to follow brands via social media, and is adept at using mobile to do most everything, from making purchases to watching their favorite TV shows, will have the upper hand in the coming months and years. Companies need to start paying attention.

Clark points out other major themes, including connecting with customers via mobile, leveraging social media for service, personalizing the customer experience, and drilling deeper into Big Data.

Staff Writer Anna Papachristos underscores how retail will likely lead and benefit from these customer experience evolutions. In her piece, "Retailers Look to Mobilize Their Efforts in 2013," she, discusses five trends around how retailers will engage with customers via mobile and social by breaking down silos, tapping into their emotions, and leveraging tools like e-receipts to ease the shopping experience while working to expand the marketing messaging.

Retail has always been an industry that has led in customer experience advancements. Having ready access to demographic, behavioral, and transactional information has helped the industry evolve its customer analytics efforts, integrated marketing, and social and mobile faster than others. As we enter 2013, it should be interesting to watch how this industry navigates unchartered territory like integrated smart televisions.

Today's trend pieces on not only showcase predictions in customer experience; they also represent changes happening with how we serve you. Each month, 1to1 Media will now feature a spotlight feature article, highlighting the most important trends that touch the customer experience. These articles will be developed based on the topics you've told us interest you the most. We'll also feature one industry per month, focusing on the biggest trends affecting that particular space. We'll also ensure that our articles center on six content channels every month: integrated marketing, customer service, employee engagement, sales effectiveness, customer analytics, and social and mobile.

Finally, we plan to bring you more of the topics you want to hear about in the form of videos, 30-minute webinars, and monthly Tweet-up discussions. Please check out our 2013 editorial calendar for more information about how to participate in one of these offerings.

2013 looks like it will shape up to be an exciting year for the customer experience. We hope that you join us for the journey as we provide you content that will help to guide you through these predictions with advice and best practices for successfully piloting the voyage.


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