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Anna Papachristos | January 9, 2013

Red Robin Employees Embrace Company Culture Through Kindness


red-robin-coupon.jpgWhen one pregnant woman and her family decided to have dinner at their local Red Robin, they simply thought they were heading out for a nice meal--perhaps one of their last before welcoming their new baby. But, after joking with the staff about her impending delivery, Amie Sivon and her husband, Jason, discovered an unexpected surprise. Their check indicated that Sivon's entire meal, totaling $11.50, had been deducted from the bill, accompanied by one simple message: "MOM 2 BEE GOOD LUC."

Though seemingly random, it appears that Red Robin has built their company culture around these random acts of kindness. Such actions, though not required, have become second nature for employees of the chain restaurant. In fact, Red Robin has reserved one section of their website's "About Us" page to sharing stories sent in from customers all across America. The "Unbridled Acts" section highlights the letters, emails, phone calls, and comments customers send expressing their gratitude for these sincere acts. Site visitors can sift through the most current stories, or peruse archived acts.

Typically, when we turn on the television or hop on the Internet, most news stories focus on the horrible things people are doing to themselves and to each other. To hear an uplifting, positive story not only attracts potential customers to said establishment, but it sparks that bit of hope for the human race that often tends to fizzle. Simply by working for Red Robin, these managers and servers have begun to assimilate the brand's caring nature as part of their personality. Not only do they make the company proud, but they also perpetuate actions that both companies and complete strangers can learn from.

These stories whet our appetites for future positive experiences and more cheerful stories to come. We hunger for happiness above all else, to which only one word comes to mind: Yummm!


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