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Anna Papachristos | February 6, 2013

Using Pinterest and the Visual Web to Engage Buyers and Sellers


daily-grommet-281x168.jpgIf you peruse the shelves of your favorite store, what you see isn't necessarily all you can get. Through, creators have an opportunity to share their concepts and products--those that have yet to enter the mainstream retail world--with consumers through the website's product launch platform. provides individuals with the chance to share their innovative, unique creations with their robust, "citizen commerce" community. But, while users were once limited to phone, email, or Web submissions, creators and consumers now have the power to reach the community through Pinterest.

"Pinterest has the ability to bring the community somewhere where they're already sharing products," says Tori Tait, senior community manager at "Through community boards, pinning products opens up the conversation and lets us see what's really resonating with people."

For, Pinterest fits naturally with their visual environment, proving itself to be a great extension of the brand's existing presence. Pinterest facilitates discovery and community, which are essential to's success. More than anything, Pinterest encourages consumers and creators to engage in the same activities they already enjoy, while enabling the company to see what drives consumer activity and gather insight into what their users value. can then use such feedback as a promotional tool, for they often share the top five pins in their direct email campaigns to share the most popular products, all while proving they actively listen to and observe the community.

Curalate takes's Pinterest efforts even further by showing the company information they otherwise may never have extracted themselves. Through their dashboard platform, can monitor which images are getting the most pins, and which of these pins bring in the most traffic. Tait says, "Curalate lifts the lid on Pinterest. We can quickly scan and see what's resonating with the community and how these products are fitting into their lives. Pinterest boards can tell us a lot, and these dashboards gather feedback quickly."

But, when it comes to social media, not all networks are right for every company. Ideally, companies must pinpoint which social sites their customers frequent the most, and then embrace those channels in order to engage consumers to the fullest extent. How is your company integrating social media into its customer engagement efforts? Do you plan on using Pinterest in the future? Share your experiences in the comments below!


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