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Mila D'Antonio | May 6, 2013

Better Data Analysis; Improved Business Performance


In the Big Data world in which we live, business intelligence has become a big market. Companies that have deployed integrated analytics platforms and emphasized real-time data analysis to better understand customer behavior have gained a big advantage from doing so. For Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment and AAA, winners in this year's Gartner & 1to1 Media CRM Excellence Awards, adoption and successful deployment of customer analytics has not only become a competitive differentiator, but also a mechanism for delivering excellence customer experiences and generating growth in revenue.

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For this year's Gold winner, Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, its fans are its lifeblood and a 'fans first' approach means understanding its fans and their needs, giving them the proper channels to share their feedback, listening to them, and applying the learnings. Applying segmentation analysis to understand customers' demographics, lifestyle habits, and consumer behavior helped to develop a clearer picture of how these fans interact with the various teams. Through tailored messaging resulting from the analysis, the team has seen huge increases in email open rates and click-through.

The Silver winner, AAA, established a four-pronged objective to help its customer analytics efforts: Leverage national buying power of hardware, software, and market data; socialize best practices for marketing and analytics; provide customer analytics; and support clubs' membership relationship management and customer analytics initiatives. Predictive analytics is now used in campaigns within clubs' call centers, stores, and websites, as well as over email, text messages, and direct mail, resulting in higher sales at some clubs and increases in membership renewal rates.

By renewing their focus on customer analytics and placing their data practices at the center of their organizations, both Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment and AAA have gained a clearer understanding of customers' needs and have optimized their business performance as a result.

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