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Anna Papachristos | June 12, 2013

Facebook's Influence on Interactive Loyalty


social_large43636356.jpgFacebook has revolutionized the way consumers interact with friends, family, and brands. But, just as these shoppers have incorporated the social network into their daily routines, companies must also work to make social media an integral part of their customer strategy. For Migros, winner in the Social and Mobile Engagement category of this year's Gartner & 1to1 Media CRM Excellence Awards (EMEA/APAC region), Facebook now represents the key component behind the brand's interactive loyalty program.

As Turkey's largest supermarket chain, the company established three specific goals: be more interactive with customers through social media; announce the benefits, events, and happenings of its loyalty program to customers immediately; and use social media to generate sales for retail operations and suppliers, going beyond "likes" and engagement metrics to create real value for every customer. In practice, Migros sought to integrate its Money Club customer loyalty program and its newfound social presence to provide a consistent, holistic customer experience. With eight million active card users, Migros decided to seize the opportunity to connect customer preferences and money saving offers in an effort to strengthen customer relationships and boost loyalty.

Money Club members can now utilize an application that allows them to connect their card numbers with their Facebook accounts so the chain can facilitate connections with its Facebook community and its CRM database in order to glean insight from the customers' current "likes" and preferences. To show the chain listens and cares, Migros also asks interactive questions each week to engage its Facebook fans and glean insights into how customers live. Such immediate social interactions include asking fans to pick their favorite product in the store, then loading these items onto each customer's card for free for immediate redemption in-store.

Since its creation, Migros' Facebook fan page has garnered 230,000 likes. Migros has also established that Money Club Facebook fans are 1.5 times more likely to pay the store a visit than the average cardholder and spend 1.5 times more money. Facebook also allows the Money Club and CRM department to monitor customer feedback and respond promptly, as Facebook has become an integral communication channel across the entire organization.

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