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Mila D'Antonio | December 9, 2013

Where Will You Concentrate Your CX Investments in 2014?


It's that time of year again when goal-setting for the year ahead and reflections on decisions rendered become routine. Business leaders everywhere are no exception, as now is the time to look ahead at ways to stand out from the competition and enhance the customer experience.

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In companies, customer service and marketing serve as the cornerstones of customer engagement strategies. So a look ahead at some of the directions they will take and how they will affect your business is critical in shaping effective business plans and strategies that resonate in 2014.

In "A Peek Inside the 2014 Customer Service Toolbox," Anna Papachristos explores the innovative tools and strategies necessary for customer service success next year. She proposes three resolutions for business leaders: Bridge any customer experience gaps, offer self-service options for customers, and use personalized interactions to boost customer loyalty.

Bottom line is that a "one-size-fits-all" communications and service approach is no longer acceptable. Showing customers that you know their preferences and needs will add a higher degree of intimacy and satisfaction.

In "Which Marketing Channels Will Pack the Biggest Punch in 2014?" Cynthia Clark takes a look at where marketers should focus their investments in 2014. She lays out the four main reasons why digital marketing, social media, and inbound marketing will be positioned as companies' primary marketing channels.

In the article, Amnon Mishor, founder of Leadspace, stresses, irrespective of the channels used, the crucial element is for marketers to personalize their messages and not fall into the trap of one-size-fits-all content. "We'll see an increase in personalized content with the added ability to predict the likelihood that each customer will buy," he notes.

Where do you plan to concentrate your customer experience investments in 2014?


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