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Mila D'Antonio | May 20, 2016
The U.S. has long been experiencing an employee engagement crisis. That's changing, according to Gallup. Gallup's tracking in March showed an upturn, indicating that companies may be breaking through engagement barriers that have caused stagnant numbers in recent years. March's numbers showed that the percentage of U.S. workers whom Gallup considers "engaged" in their jobs averaged 34.1 percent in March, the highest level since Gallup began tracking U.S. workplace engagement daily in January 2011. Read more »
Judith Aquino | May 19, 2016
Conference season in the marketing technology world is in full swing and this week was IBM's turn to dazzle marketers. IBM Amplify--the company's key conference for marketing, sales, e-commerce, and merchandising--had many positive points but was ultimately underwhelming. As the company bets on cloud computing, cognitive systems, language processing, and other areas for future growth, it remains unclear if the company can pull its many investments into a coherent offering. Read more »
Tom Hoffman | May 17, 2016
I was recently reviewing a design of an e-book I'd written when the content jumped out at me. It wasn't the words I'd crafted, but rather the stunning images that had been selected by the graphic designer that made the package sparkle. The experience also served as a reminder, as Rod Stewart and Ron Wood penned back in 1971, that every picture tells a story and how important the use of images and design are to content marketing. Read more »
Mila D'Antonio | May 16, 2016
At the start of every New Year, media outlets, bloggers, and pundits share their predictions for the coming months. In the marketing world, they've been calling for a "post-digital world" for the past 10 years. As 2016 charges along, I'm eager to see more examples of companies entering this post-digital era. Read more »
Mila D'Antonio | May 13, 2016
There's no ignoring the digital tidal wave of data that's upon us. Every day, consumers create more and more digital breadcrumbs for marketers to sift through, parse, and act on. The data universe will only continue to expand, with digital producing 40,000 exabytes by 2020, according to IDC. Read more »
Judith Aquino | May 12, 2016
Data-driven customer journey mapping is emerging as a critical tool for engaging customers, as companies look to get the most out of every touch point and deliver more relevant experiences. The concept behind a customer journey map is simple. It's a diagram that illustrates the steps customers go through in engaging with a company. But companies are increasingly using data to be more strategic in mapping those experiences. Read more »
Tom Hoffman | May 10, 2016
These days, it seems as if all customers have heightened expectations for receiving consistent customer experiences. While customer expectations will vary based on each consumer's mindset going into an interaction and what they expect out of it, people who are paying for a high-end product or service typically have amplified expectations. I recently had a chance to discuss some of the components of delivering a luxury customer experience with Ana M. Brant, Director, Global Guest Experience & Innovation at Dorchester Read more »
Mila D'Antonio | May 9, 2016
The battleground for customer experience is on and those who are emerging victorious are using data as their secret weapon. As today's marketers explore the world of digital engagement, data has become the competitive differentiator for how effectively companies engage with their customers. Read more »
Mila D'Antonio | May 6, 2016
These days, the importance of becoming a digitally minded company can't be overstated. In a recent survey conducted by 1to1 Media and SurveyMonkey, 40 percent of respondents said they'd stop doing business with a company without a strong digital presence. And 41.5 percent of respondents said they use a mobile device when interacting with a brand. Read more »

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