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Tom Hoffman | August 16, 2016
According to recent research released by Russell Reynolds Associates, turnover rates among Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) are at their highest levels since the executive search firm began tracking marketing officer appointments four years ago. The good news for many CMOs is that 61 percent of CMOs left their companies in the second half of 2015 for new opportunities, with 75 percent of the departees remaining in the same industry. But as CMOs are under the gun to shift their focus Read more »
Mila D'Antonio | July 25, 2016
This morning's announcement from Verizon about its bid to purchase Yahoo Inc. for $5 billion comes as no surprise. Under the leadership of CEO Lowell McAdam, the company has been actively putting the pieces in place to undergo a digital transformation--one that will enable the company to earn revenue from digital advertising, largely on mobile devices. Read more »
Mila D'Antonio | May 16, 2016
At the start of every New Year, media outlets, bloggers, and pundits share their predictions for the coming months. In the marketing world, they've been calling for a "post-digital world" for the past 10 years. As 2016 charges along, I'm eager to see more examples of companies entering this post-digital era. Read more »
Mila D'Antonio | May 2, 2016
Digital disruption is happening at lightning speed and only some of the best-in-class businesses are successfully keeping up the pace. In documenting how companies are going through this digital transformation, Brian Solis, principal analyst at Altimeter Group, a Prophet company, developed a maturity model that chronicles the stages and the key areas of focus and change. Read more »
Judith Aquino | April 28, 2016
Marketers should pay attention to a particular type of app: mobile messaging apps, advised Forrester Research Data Scientist Nicole Dvorak. Yesterday, at Forrester Research's annual Forum for Marketing Leaders in New York City, Dvorak pointed to behavioral research that suggests mobile messaging apps have become one of the most used applications on consumers' smartphones. Read more »
Mila D'Antonio | April 11, 2016
Omnichannel is becoming more than a buzzword. Providing seamless experiences across channels and consistency in messaging and engagement is a 'must' for companies. In our connected world, the stakes are high for delivering CX that customers expect and want. Therefore, it's imperative for marketers to take on a greater role in evolving the experiences customers receive when interacting with their brands. Read more »
Judith Aquino | March 17, 2016
These days, people are as likely to find a date on a matchmaking site as they are to find a deal. As the stigma against online dating is fades, brands are seizing on an opportunity to court consumers across matchmaking apps and websites. Read more »
Mila D'Antonio | March 14, 2016
Omichannel has been the buzzword in the marketing world for quite some time, as companies have sought myriad ways to connect their channels and data in seamless ways across their enterprises. But following announcements of recent store closures and post-holiday sales data that suggest more consumers chose to shop online than in physical stores, retailers must get serious about their omnichannel initiatives fast. Read more »
Mila D'Antonio | January 11, 2016
It's the time of the year again when customer experience leaders everywhere are planning their strategies for 2016. Separating their organizations from their competition is no longer about price; instead it's about providing experiences that are in tune with customers' needs. As leaders analyze their objectives for 2016, here are five key customer experience trends to focus on. Read more »
Judith Aquino | January 7, 2016
For many people, the holidays have become synonymous with mobile apps and devices. It's not unusual to see people checking text messages during or after the family meal, playing games during a flight, or shopping for gifts on an app. But this behavior doesn't change the reality that mobile apps are hitting a plateau. Read more »
Tom Hoffman | December 29, 2015
Consumers' use of mobile devices continues to surge. Year-over-year global mobile data traffic is expected to rise 59 percent in 2015, according to Gartner. But even as consumers become increasingly reliant upon their mobile devices to communicate and interact with businesses, this doesn't necessarily translate into a satisfactory mobile experience. Just 45 percent of consumers are satisfied with retail mobile applications while just 47 percent say they're satisfied with retail websites, according to a 2015 study by Adobe. Meanwhile, mobile Read more »
Mila D'Antonio | November 23, 2015
"Imagine a world where the only thing you have to wrestle for on Thanksgiving is the last piece of pumpkin pie." That voice-over to the opening of the new TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and HomeGoods commercial promoting the stores' closure on Thursday. The spot asks viewers to hearken back to a time when Thanksgiving meant eating too much and falling asleep on the couch with your family rather than fighting shoppers in crowded stores for a 40-inch smart TV that's on Read more »
Tom Hoffman | August 18, 2015
Author Anne Wilson Schaef once wrote that "we are always surrounded by the doors of opportunity" but that because we're often so focused on a goal, we don't see what's right in front of us. I think there's a lot of truth to what Schaef says and that her musing is applicable for a lot of organizational leaders who are usually so pressed to meet short-term business or operational goals that it's hard for them to see the bigger picture. Read more »
Tom Hoffman | June 2, 2015
It's pretty easy to see how pervasive the use of mobile devices has become with consumers. People are tethered to their smartphones just about everywhere - at work, at home, at ballgames, shopping malls, airports, and cafes. As of January 2014, consumers now spend more time on their mobile devices for Internet usage than on desktop PCs, according to comScore. Yet despite how "mobile" we've become as consumers, many companies continue to struggle to develop comprehensive mobile marketing strategies or Read more »
Anna Papachristos | May 27, 2015
Experts and analysts continue to exploit millennials as scapegoats in this era of rapid digital adoption, yet anyone can see that mobile usage spans the generations. From toddlers playing with their parents' iPhone in the supermarket, to senior citizens texting from their flip phone at the mall, mobile knows no age limit. Sadly, however, neither does indecency. Read more »
Tom Hoffman | May 19, 2015
There are a lot of ways that marketing automation helps marketers to connect more effectively with customers. Technology enables marketers to gather more insights than ever about customers, including information about their behaviors, preferences, and needs. Marketing automation helps companies achieve deeper engagement and higher conversion rates through more personalized messaging. And while each of these capabilities are critical for helping marketers to succeed in today's fast-paced world, some of the greatest opportunities for driving effective and efficient marketing are Read more »
Judith Aquino | April 30, 2015
Do marketers suffer from an unjustified youth fixation? Teens and young adults are often seen as trendsetters and business bellwethers, particularly in the digital space. But what if chasing after teen opinions is a waste of marketing dollars? Read more »
Tom Hoffman | April 21, 2015
In case you hadn't heard, Google is introducing big changes to its algorithmic formula beginning today that will place increased weight on the mobile friendliness of a company's website. If a company's website isn't deemed mobile friendly by Google (you can take the test here to find out), this will adversely affect the website's ranking by Google and, as a result, the volume of traffic headed to the website along with the potential leads being generated. The good news for Read more »
Judith Aquino | April 2, 2015
Mobile devices are quickly evolving beyond smartphones and tablets into smartwatches, fitness trackers, and more but marketers are still struggling with the same issue: delivering compelling content on mobile devices. Read more »
Anna Papachristos | March 11, 2015
Despite our innate affinity to journey all over the world, travel can often become complicated. Between scheduling flights and navigating terminals, getting from point A to point B isn't always easy. However, for CheapOair, mobile technologies have enabled the online booking site to provide customers with consistent, personalized service no matter their method of choice. Read more »
Mila D'Antonio | March 2, 2015
When Apple revealed its Apple Pay last September, CEO Tim Cook said the mobile payment service "will forever change the way we buy." And during last week's earnings call, Cook called 2015, "the year of Apple Pay." Additionally, last week's announcement from Google that it's working with AT&T, Verizon Wireless, and T-Mobile to pre-install Google Wallet on all of the providers' Android phones, further positions mobile pay as on the verge of going mainstream. Read more »
Judith Aquino | December 4, 2014
The latest smartphones and tablets continue to be at the top of many people's shopping lists, with Apple and Amazon reporting strong sales in iPhones and Kindles during Black Friday. December is also a busy month for app downloads as people load new apps on to their new smartphones and tablets. Last year, Christmas day saw a 91 percent increase in app downloads, as compared to an average day in the first half of December, according to the app analytics Read more »
Mila D'Antonio | December 1, 2014
If you were one of the 133.7 million shoppers who braved the malls and stores on Black Friday to find deals, you may have noticed smaller crowds and shorter lines. The National Retail Federation reported that Black Friday sales fell sharply this year (5.4 percent) due to the latest trend of retail sales creeping and spreading throughout the entire holiday season. Read more »
Mila D'Antonio | November 17, 2014
When I attended Customer Engagement World earlier this month, I heard questions in some sessions about how to reach the multi-screen customer. Attendees wanted to know everything from how to use Instagram to reach younger audiences to ways to integrate customer insights from social channels into the traditional marketing mix. While some panelists shared some solid examples and offered helpful advice, I still saw confusion on the faces of many in the audiences. Read more »
Judith Aquino | November 6, 2014
Love it or hate it, viral news site Buzzfeed's ability to drive impressions and engagement rates via a stream of lists, quizzes, and articles reflects the new ways readers consume content. But Buzzfeed's success did not happen by chance, explained Melissa Rosenthal, senior director of creative services at Buzzfeed, during a keynote speech at Ad:Tech New York. The media giant analyzes the content people share and how they share it to package its content accordingly. Read more »
Mila D'Antonio | October 7, 2014
Creating the perfect customer experience is a challenge for many of us. In recent years, we've seen many customer experience blunders. J.C. Penney, for instance, stands out as one of the most well known when it overhauled its operations without asking many customers what they wanted. The company changed the layout of nearly every store, overwhelming and losing long-time customers resulting in a 25 percent sales loss in one year. Read more »
Mila D'Antonio | September 29, 2014
Advertising Week 2014 got underway this morning in New York City, with the organization even ringing today's closing stock market bell. Read more »
Judith Aquino | June 19, 2014
Yesterday, Blackberry unveiled a deal with Amazon to include the online giant's app store on its phones. In addition, Google Play and Apple's App Store both offer a million apps in their respective stores. As more apps flood the market, driving engagement rates among users has become a crucial component of an app developer's monetization strategy. Read more »
Anna Papachristos | June 4, 2014
Delivering relevant content at the specific moment when consumers are looking to make decisions remains very powerful, boosting retention and strengthening relationships. However, as email open rates decline due to the overall swell in email volume, marketers are finding it increasingly difficult to reach consumers' inboxes, leading many to believe responsive design holds the secret to future success. Read more »
Guest Blogger: Vanessa Saulsberry | April 11, 2014
Far too long ago to mention, I listened attentively as my marketing professor elucidated the Four P's of marketing. It was a different world then; smartphones and tablets weren't en vogue, virtual events and Spreecasts didn't exist, and Facebook and Twitter were rarely used for business. Magazines and newspapers flourished and face-to-face events reigned. On that foundation today's marketing leaders are challenged to think differently about the marketing mix. Read more »
Anna Papachristos | March 26, 2014
Mobile customer care is rapidly becoming an opportunity for companies to differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive economy. But, as Bruce Bales, vice president of product management at mBlox, notes, companies must look beyond marketing and advertising to include care as a means to engage consumers. The direct nature of mobile messaging remains the most effective way to grab consumers' attention. Therefore, brands that can take a care-centric approach to their mobile strategy will drive customer loyalty and long-term value. Read more »
Mila D'Antonio | March 24, 2014
Today I head to Salt Lake City, Utah, for Adobe's annual Digital Marketing Summit. Last year was my first Summit and I look forward to attending again this year, as it is one of the rare events in which attendees can see first-hand how quantifiable marketing results maximize a company's marketing ROI. The Summit will offer best practices and techniques on topics ranging from how to personalize a cross-channel strategy, best practices for managing a global digital presence, and how Read more »
Guest Blogger: Vanessa Saulsberry | March 21, 2014
What a wondrous world in which we live - one of infinite choice and possibility. I can buy a pair of the skinniest jeans (well, maybe not that skinny) from an Old Navy store, grab a new sweater for my hairless kitty on, and deposit a check with my Chase mobile app. Mostly all of these tasks can be done in the comfort of my footy pajamas. I'd say that seven out of 10 of my interactions with companies Read more »
Guest Blogger: James McQuivey | January 24, 2014
Marketers, you are officially on notice: The very idea of 'brand relationship' is going to become irrelevant thanks to digital disruption. If you continue to focus on building a wonderful brand relationship with your customer, you will one day awake to find that someone else has taken your place in your customer's life. Not with a more compelling brand relationship, but with a more compelling digital customer relationship. Read more »
Mila D'Antonio | January 13, 2014
Today kicks off The NRF 103rd Annual Convention & EXPO at the Javits Convention Center in New York City and more than 30,000 retail professionals from around the world are expected to attend. I also look forward to attending the conference tomorrow to learn the trends and to see firsthand the technologies that will shape customer experience in retail this year. Senior Writer Cynthia Clark is there today and will share her findings in 1to1 Media's blog on Thursday. Read more »
Anna Papachristos | January 1, 2014
When business becomes crazy during the holiday rush, companies are prone to making the occasional mistake. Luckily, in retrospect, these problems often become teaching moments that influence future improvements and programs. For many, social and mobile tactics still lack the strength necessary to garner loyalty and engagement. These tools offer vast opportunities, but while most brand recognize the potential for success, many have yet to integrate these channels into their overall marketing and sales strategies. Read more »
Mila D'Antonio | December 23, 2013
Whether it's the airlines embracing mobile to assist customers, a bad-boy company promising to make over its service standards, or the launch of new technology that will change how consumers pay for everyday retail goods, these 10 customer experience incidents will change the course of how organizations deliver customer experiences. Read more »
Anna Papachristos | December 4, 2013
From Black Friday to Cyber Monday, the past week has been filled with nothing but advertisements and promotions galore. Fifty percent off this, 25 percent off that--it's enough to make your head spin! But for Photojojo, the photography fanatic's online destination, garnering attention was not just a gimmick. It was borderline genius. Read more »
Mila D'Antonio | December 2, 2013
So you've survived Black Friday--the long lines, the impassible parking lots, and the in-store brawls over door buster sales. It's time to settle into a comfy chair, or close your office door, and start shopping online on this Cyber Monday. Read more »
Anna Papachristos | November 13, 2013
With each passing day, the official holiday season grows closer and closer. While malls are already playing Christmas tunes and department stores are all decked out in twinkle lights, the true rush has yet to begin. Soon, Black Friday deal-grabbers and last-minute shoppers will flock to the store and clutter the aisles, while others will hop online to research sales and avoid these crazy crowds. But, as shoppers seek an ideal parking spot, marketers are out to find new ways Read more »
Mila D'Antonio | October 28, 2013
It's no secret that mobile is changing the traditional marketing funnel and transforming the way customers interact at every stage throughout the customer journey. Mobile has propelled us into an environment that not only allows us to express a need through any device at any time, and also one that has customers expecting a contextually relevant response to those needs. Read more »
Mila D'Antonio | September 23, 2013
Just when we thought Big Data couldn't get any more confounding, the accelerated adoption and use of mobile payments continues to make analyzing customer data even more challenging. Instead of resisting these changes, marketers, data analysts, and customer experience leaders must look closely at the added benefits that providing mobile payment options to their customers will afford them. Read more »
Anna Papachristos | September 11, 2013
Football season has arrived, bringing with it an array of fervent fantasy football fans. Just as the National Football League kicked off its 2013-2014 season last Thursday, men and women across America joined the excitement by diving into the 2013-2014 Pro Fantasy Football season. Yet, while sports bring these friends, family, and colleagues together, football season--and fantasy football leagues in particular--open up opportunities for marketers and advertisers to engage with fans, as well. Read more »
Mila D'Antonio | August 26, 2013
This week many children in the U.S. will return to school. They'll don new shoes and clothes, and come equipped with a fresh stock of school supplies. But many lucky parents avoided standing in long lines and arguing with their kids this back-to-school season. Rather than enter physical stores to buy their children's new back-to-school items, many parents for the first time bought their back-to-school items from the comfort of their sofas. Read more »
Mila D'Antonio | June 17, 2013
Last year had experts calling BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend, "the hottest trend of 2012." This year as companies start to embrace this ever-growing culture, they're now figuring out how to manage the BYOD's security and application delivery, as well as employee productivity. Read more »
Mila D'Antonio | April 22, 2013
As consumer mobile adoption continues to increase, people's expectations of how companies should connect and engage with them have also changed. Read more »
Mila D'Antonio | February 4, 2013
Ever since the emergence of digital, much has been written and discussed about bridging the social/mobile and traditional marketing divide by getting a handle on Big Data and ultimately having the ability to understand and respond to consumers' ever-changing needs and behaviors. Read more »
Mila D'Antonio | January 7, 2013
It's that time of year again, when predictions, trends, and resolutions articles come out of the woodwork to help guide our expectations for the coming year. At 1to1 Media, we've included a few of our own around the customer experience. Read more »
Mila D'Antonio | November 26, 2012
Like Thanksgiving and Black Friday, Cyber Monday has become an annual "holiday" for consumers who seek online sales in an effort to avoid crowded stores and to find better deals. Research from BIGinsight for the National Retail Federation estimates an even bigger turnout today compared to last year, with an estimated 129.2 million Americans shopping online, compared to 122.8 million this time last year. Read more »
Tom Hoffman | October 9, 2012
1to1 Media's Tom Hoffman speaks with David Petersen, CEO of Sense Networks, about different ways that companies can use analytics to better understand the mobile customer and how customers are using mobile devices as part of their multichannel journeys. Read more »
Anna Papachristos | September 26, 2012
Many people neglect to realize that today's technological takeover has been in progress for decades. From the very first light bulb, to the invention of the Internet, these creations are the fuel that has propelled us into the present. We only notice technology's rapid evolution now because today's constant experimentation highlights how far our society has come in such a short amount of time. Read more »
Mila D'Antonio | September 17, 2012
This week marks the start of the official 2012 TV season where networks will introduce a bevy of new comedies and dramas with the hope of attracting the magic number of viewers sufficient enough to get the green light on a second season. Read more »
Tom Hoffman | September 4, 2012
Over the Labor Day weekend, I read an article in Mediabistro which states that up to half of the workforce for Fortune 100 companies by 2020 could be freelance, contract, or temporary workers. As the Mediabistro article points out, gains in temporary hiring have historically preceded any upticks in full-time hiring. But in the current economy, full-time employment hasn't picked up any momentum. The topic got me to thinking more broadly about the type of skills and mixes of worker Read more »
Anna Papachristos | August 29, 2012
Email has become an increasingly popular marketing channel. Yet, while it has the propensity to reach many, email communication has the tendency to lack that personal touch we all prefer. Earlier this month, we took a look at how marketers in the space are using email to expand their reach and connect with customers in relevant, meaningful ways so as to cultivate relationships instead of stopping them dead in their tracks. Read more »
Cynthia Clark | July 26, 2012
In today's smartphone-driven world, organizations are constantly bombarding us with new apps that promise to make our lives easier and better. Just this morning, for example, I made a hairdresser's appointment through an iPhone app, even before I had got out of bed. Read more »