Social Media Takes the NYPD from Talking to Listening

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Customer Experience
A 1to1 Media Take 30 Q&A video featuring Zach Tumin, a 2015 Gartner & 1to1 Media Customer Experience Excellence Award winner


Mila D'Antonio
Editor-in-Chief, 1to1 Media

STAMFORD, Conn. | December 7, 2015-A city as large and diverse as New York must offer a platform for its 8.4 million citizens to voice their issues and concerns. NYPD's Deputy Commissioner of Strategic Initiatives, Zachary Tumin; and 1to1 Media's Editor-in-Chief Mila D'Antonio, recently discussed how the NYPD actively engages in social media to better understand citizens' issues and forge stronger community relationships. The half hour session is now available for on-demand viewing at

At the hyperlocal level, NYPD commanders in over 80 commands engage their communities to understand key issues and share information. Citywide, the NYPD also uses social media as a forensic tool to investigate crime.

This Q&A video highlights the challenges involved in expanding the NYPD's presence from two centrally controlled social media accounts to over 1 00 accounts managed entirely by their commanders. In the video, Zach and Mila discuss the critical role of executive sponsorship and leadership, of training and support, and how the public has responded to this strategy so far.

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