The future of retail is about removing barriers. At NRF 2020, retail partners demonstrated the many ways brands can blend online and offline experiences and combine different data sources to produce a fluid, personalized experience. Here are highlights from the Innovation Lab, a showcase of startups that are re-envisioning the retail journey with cutting-edge technologies.
Increasingly, customers expect personalized experiences as a standard of service. But as consumers, we all know that the quality of personalized experiences is not equal. As customer expectations rise, the margin for error is rapidly shrinking. It’s time for brands to step up their personalization strategies. Here’s what brands can do to get personalized experiences right in a rapidly shifting customer experience landscape. Raising... How does the customer experience affect delivery routes? What are the low-hanging fruits of making...
It’s no secret that consumers want and expect personalized experiences from brands. In an increasingly data- and technology-driven marketplace, companies can’t simply...

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