It’s no secret that consumers want and expect personalized experiences from brands. In an increasingly data- and technology-driven marketplace, companies can’t simply predict the needs and preferences of their customers; they need to go a step further and anticipate them. Brands that take the time to learn why their customers buy goods and services—not merely what they buy—will fare the best amid evolving customer journeys, experts say. But...
There’s an old saying that says sometimes you have to look back to move forward. In the contact center space, interaction analytics, also known as speech analytics, provide organizations with 20/20 vision on their customer interactions and a path for action to enhance them. As contact centers become increasingly digital and add new voice-based channels, more organizations are looking to speech analytics for insights.

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Telecom companies must boost their investments in providing a great customer experience or risk facing declining customer loyalty in the coming years. Here are five actions they need to take now to stay competitive.

Taking a Next Best Action Approach to Strengthening Telecom Customer Relationships

One of the biggest challenges that telecom industry executives face is customer churn. While churn rates vary by country and by provider, annual churn rates for telecom companies average between 10 percent and 67 percent, according to the Database Marketing Institute. And while there are a variety of reasons that customers disconnect from wireless providers in particular - dissatisfaction with the quality of service, cost, poor customer support - the use of customer data and analytics is providing decision-makers with new ways to identify potential triggers for churn and opportunities to strengthen customer relationships.