Employers can’t afford to be complacent when it comes to retaining great employees. However, certain jobs, especially routine-based jobs with few growth opportunities, have notoriously high turnover rates. Robotic process automation (RPA) technologies offer a potential solution with new opportunities for engaging and retaining talented employees through more valuable, rewarding work. The retention challenge A new survey from global staffing firm Robert Half shows 81...

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Governance: The Key To Customer Experience Management

At its core, customer experience management comes down to governance. But what is governance, really? You've probably got a hundred different governance processes in your organization, none of them exactly the same. The word "governance" may stir up images of executives in closed-door meetings talking about compliance. And yes, teams of senior decision makers are an important component of governance practices at many organizations. But customer experience governance isn't about a committee that hands out edicts from on high. And I'm not suggesting that you form a police force to issue tickets for customer experience infractions.

Who Needs Customer Experience Certifications?

We have entered the age of the customer - when companies only win by being customer-obsessed and delivering exceptional experiences. This is great news for customer experience professionals. Their skills and expertise are in demand, and at Forrester Research, we expect customer experience to continue its maturation into a full-fledged profession.