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Unlock Relevant Sales Experiences with Speech Analytics

The at-home environment has put digital, convenience, and proactive service into hyper-drive. This applies to sales as well as customer service. Inside sales associates...

Alexa, What’s the ROI of Voice and Chat Assistants?

New research finds that customers increasingly want their voices heard by brands, literally. Capgemini Research Institute’s Smart Talk: How organizations and consumers are embracing voice...

It’s Time to Change the Automotive Customer Satisfaction Survey System

When an auto customer buys or leases a vehicle at a car dealership, it's common for the salesperson to ask the customer to give them the highest possible marks in the customer satisfaction survey that's soon to follow. While I've been pressured by dealer salespeople to do this on more than one occasion (and even within the past several weeks), I've come to discover that these aren't simply the actions of an overzealous salesperson that is out to pad his or her annual bonus. Customer satisfaction scores are also used by car manufacturers to reward dealerships with financial incentives and for automakers to flaunt their results over rivals. No matter how you slice it, it's a flawed process that ultimately dissatisfies customers and can change an otherwise good customer experience into a bad one.